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Should I Call Slip and Fall Attorney after Accident in Houston?

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Should you or shouldn’t you call a personal injury attorney after a slip and fall accident in Houston? That depends on many factors, such as the value of your claim, your ability to negotiate with the liable party, and whether you’re eligible to file an insurance claim. If any of these questions have you concerned, call the Slip and Fall Attorney at Houston Crash Car today to schedule your free consultation in Houston, TX. We have helped thousands of Texans recover millions of dollars in their slip and fall claims and look forward to assisting you.

Understanding the Slip and Fall Claim Process

The statute of limitations for slip and fall claims is two years. It takes most people one to two years to realize they need to hire an attorney, which means that you have only one year from your injury date to file your claim. If you fail to meet these deadlines, you could lose your right to be compensated for medical bills, lost wages and other damages caused by another person’s negligence.

What Does the Property Owner's Insurance Policy Say?

In most cases, any injury caused by slip and fall accidents is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. This is especially true if you suffer injuries on your own property. If you do not own an insurance policy for your home, or if you suffer injuries on another person’s property, it might be worthwhile to contact a personal injury attorneys.

How serious are your Slip and Fall Injuries?

This is one of those cases where it’s best to err on the side of caution. If you have any serious doubts about whether or not you should call an attorney, go ahead and make that call. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a case because your injuries weren’t significant enough. A slip-and-fall injury can cause damage that lasts for years—but if you don’t seek medical attention after such an accident, it could be difficult to prove later on down the line. Don’t worry about looking like a snowflake; just focus on getting better.

Is my insurance company really on my side?

It may seem as though your insurance company is on your side, but nothing could be further from reality. Sure, it may be their job to get you back on your feet after an accident, but that doesn’t mean they have your best interests at heart. Because personal injury attorneys work on contingency—they only get paid if you do—they have every incentive to see that you get full and fair compensation for your injuries. Insurance companies? Not so much

What kind of evidence do I need?

A slip and fall accident is usually not sufficient grounds for an attorney to take your case. For example, you could have done some damage to someone else’s property, but there is also some uncertainty as to whether or not they should be responsible for any damages caused by your accident. The best thing you can do right now is find out what kind of evidence might be needed to prove that you were not at fault, and why it matters if you are indeed liable for all or any of these damages.

Why you will Pay for Someone Else Negligence

The general rule of thumb is that if you’re injured by someone else, you can take legal action against them. Slip and fall injuries are often caused by property owners who failed to keep their premises safe. In these cases, it can be well worth your while to hire Houston personal injury attorney to represent you—especially if you suffer some significant injury as a result of someone else’s negligence.